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Engineering and Design for Manufacturing


Exceptional Abilities

DEW Engineering is known world-wide for its exceptional ability to design, develop, prototype, test, modify, and certify engineered solutions for both the civil and defence markets.

Our interdisciplinary, iterative engineering process ensures that DEW customers and stakeholders are satisfied with a high quality, trustworthy, cost efficient and schedule compliant solutions that will perform throughout a system’s entire life cycle – from development to operation and disposal.

Utilizing our Operational Excellence (OpX) framework, we harness industry leading methodologies to drive continuous process improvements, resulting in lower cost, higher performance products and timely deliverables.


Engineering and Design for Manufacturing
Engineering and Design for Manufacturing


In addition to DEW's internally funded research and development programs, our core engineering attributes include:



Systems Approach

  • System architecture and interface definitions
  • Requirements definition, allocation, and traceability
  • Structured and documented design reviews and configuration management
  • Validation and verification
  • Technical performance metrics
  • Product data management


  • Experienced interdisciplinary team of 20+ engineering staff utilizing advanced 3D modeling software to design from the system level down to the smallest component detail
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly

DEW Engineering and Design for Manufacturing
DEW Engineering and Design for Manufacturing


  • Static and dynamic, linear / non-linear modeling and simulation using ANSYS®/AUTODYN including blast analyses and penetration mechanics Finite element analyses
  • Electrical, electro-mechanical, fluid power
  • Software engineering, design, coding and test
  • 3D handheld scanning capability for accurate modeling of as-built objects

Systems Integration

  • Experienced with technology insertion of both custom designed and vendor products or systems into new, purpose-built or legacy platforms
  • System safety engineering including hazard analyses and safety assessments
  • Product Life cycle management

DEW Engineering and Design for Manufacturing
DEW Engineering and Design for Manufacturing


  • Experienced in testing to various military and commercial standards including structural, environmental and EMC/EMI
  • Licensed, secure, indoor ballistic range with separate magazine and loading rooms, remote controlled firing of gun with various caliber barrels capable of firing rounds up to 20mm
  • Cryogenic freezer to -80C
  • Strong relationships, including ready access, with 3rd party independent testing organizations


  • Armour composite laboratory for layup of composite panels including vacuum table
  • Highly experienced and trained licensed mechanics and technicians in a dedicated 10 bay shop co-located with engineering and design staff


DEW Engineering and Development ULC

Canada's trusted defence partner.
DEW Engineering and Development is the largest and most advanced designer, integrator and manufacturer of state of the art Add-on-Armor in North America.

DEW Engineering is a Top 75 Defence Company by Canadian Defence Review