VIP Protection Room

There are times when every second counts. From the instant that one is aware of an intruder to the moment that help arrives, preventing contact with that intruder is an imperative.  The DEW Protected Room Kit (PRK) is designed with that in mind.  In service with the Government of Canada. 


  • Ballistic protection to NIJ III IAW NIJ Standard 0108.01
  • 15 minutes of forced entry resistance IAW DOS-STD-01-01 
  • Installs as either a retrofit or during new construction
  • Alternate levels of protection available

Modular Components

  • Composite Wall, ceiling and floor protection panels
  • Seam protection kits
  • Armoured door and frame kits
  • Ventilation register protection kits
  • Electrical fixture protection kits

PDF Download VIP Protection Room Kit (PDF)

Installed inside an existing room, the PRK is an integrated yet freestanding structure that provides ballistic protection as well as forced entry resistance to US standards  The VIP Protected Room can be modified and tailored to meet customer requirements.

The PRK is ideally suited to retrofit as a modification to an existing room but can be installed during the construction of a new building by general contractors.  The PRK components minimize the need for cutting on-site and when installed represent a standalone structure.