Police Protection
Police Protection
Police Protection

Products designed for police, law enforcement and civilian protection.

  • Ballistic Door Panels
  • Designed to defeat NIJ Level IIIA, III, IV
  • Meet Los Angeles Police Department specifications for ballistic protection

DEW Ballistic Door Panel


Ballistic Door Panels

Used extensively by police forces throughout the USA, the DEW PD panels acts as a ballistic shield when installed in a vehicle door allowing officers to arrive on site protected. These panels are integrated into the interior of the door, between outer skin and interior trim, and do not have any external mounting requirements. The PD series can be customized for different applications such as the protection of panel vans, shelters and containers.

The DEW PD Ballistic Panel solutions have been tested in accordance with the requirements of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard 0108.01 as well as other special threats including the multihit Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) specification MTD 11-BDP01.

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