Portable Space Heater
DEW space heater heating twin Otter aircraft in the Arctic.
DEW Portable Space Heater

DEW designs and manufactures air and water heaters for demanding military and other rugged applications.

  • Extreme cold tested
  • Reliable cold starts
  • Low electronic emissions
  • Driving rain operation


Air Heaters

DEW has a family of portable Field Space Heaters to provide controlled heat and ventilation for shelters and tents. They are predominantly used in the land environment, but also have application in the maritime and aviation environments. Field Space Heaters are available in a range of outputs and can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Water Heaters

DEW has a family of portable Field Water Heaters to produce on-demand hot water for camp application such as showers, kitchens, laundering and ablutions. They are high efficiency and quiet running and perfectly suited for use in field hospitals and for CBRN decontamination. Field Water Heaters can be customized to meet customer requirements, and a self-purge capability is available to prevent damage from frozen water in the event of power failure, tip over, or empty fuel tank.