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DEW's Environmental Policy is to reduce our impact by ensuring that staff are trained and that processes and materials are selected to minimize or eliminate hazardous materials and waste from our production process.

ISO 14001 Certified

DEW is ISO 14001:2015 certified. This allows our Environmental Management System to be recognized by international markets.

Recycling Illustration


DEW Engineering and Development ULC is committed to protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution and reduction of waste, and complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory environmental obligations. DEW is equally committed to continual improvement of its environmental management system to enhance environmental performance by minimizing and, where reasonable, eliminating undesirable impacts from its operations. Furthermore, DEW endeavours to promote equivalent actions on the part of its subcontractors and suppliers.

Improvement of our environmental impact is achieved by ensuring that all personnel are suitably trained and that processes and materials are selected to reduce or eliminate emissions, hazardous materials, and waste from our operations and the goods we produce. Where waste is generated, recycling programs are pursued.



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